What you should know

Only you and your doctor can decide if Acthar is right for you

Take a few minutes to answer these quick questions. Your answers will help you and your doctor find out if adding Acthar to your treatment plan will help your fight with lupus. Be sure to take it along to your next doctor’s appointment—it will help you talk about Acthar.

Mention that you’ve heard about Acthar and would like to find out if it could be an option for you.

Because every patient is unique, Acthar dosing is individualized—your doctor will decide how much Acthar you should take and when to take it according to your lupus symptoms.

A Fighting Chance

Acthar is one of many options to fight lupus. Get the key talking points to discuss with your doctor.

What is the most important information I should know about Acthar?

  • Never inject Acthar directly into a vein, and always take Acthar as prescribed by your doctor
  • Never stop treatment suddenly unless your doctor tells you to
  • Try not to miss any scheduled doctor’s appointments, as it is important for the doctor to monitor you while taking Acthar

Important Safety Information

Who should  NOT take Acthar?

You should not take Acthar if you have: